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Daytime Emmy Winners 2024: Complete List and Highlights

The Daytime Emmy Awards celebrate excellence in daytime television programming, honoring outstanding achievements in various categories including drama, talk shows, game shows, and children’s programming. The 2024 Daytime Emmy Awards have brought together a diverse group of talented individuals and productions, showcasing the best of daytime television. Here is a comprehensive list of the 2024 Daytime Emmy winners, highlighting the most notable achievements and moments from this year’s awards.

Outstanding Drama Series

The most prestigious category of the night, Outstanding Drama Series, was fiercely contested by some of daytime television’s most beloved shows.


  • “The Bold and the Beautiful” (CBS)

This year, “The Bold and the Beautiful” took home the award, recognized for its compelling storylines, strong performances, and exceptional production quality.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

This category honors the standout male actor whose performance captivated audiences throughout the year.


  • Maurice Benard as Sonny Corinthos on “General Hospital” (ABC)

Maurice Benard’s portrayal of Sonny Corinthos continues to resonate with fans and critics alike, earning him this well-deserved accolade.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

The award for Outstanding Lead Actress celebrates the female performer who delivered an unforgettable performance.


  • Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful” (CBS)

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s powerful and nuanced performance has once again earned her the top honor in this category.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Recognizing the male actor in a supporting role who has delivered exceptional performances.


  • James Patrick Stuart as Valentin Cassadine on “General Hospital” (ABC)

James Patrick Stuart dynamic and engaging portrayal of Valentin Cassadine has made him a fan favorite and earned him this prestigious award.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

This category honors the female actor in a supporting role whose talent and dedication have significantly enhanced their show.


  • Kelly Thiebaud as Britt Westbourne on “General Hospital” (ABC)

Kelly Thiebaud performance as Britt Westbourne has been widely praised, earning her recognition for her exceptional contribution to the series.

Outstanding Younger Performer in a Drama Series

This award recognizes the outstanding achievements of young actors in daytime drama.


  • William Lipton as Cameron Webber on “General Hospital” (ABC)

William Lipton portrayal of Cameron Webber has showcased his impressive talent and potential, making him a standout among younger performers.

Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series

Honoring the best performance by a guest actor in a daytime drama series.


  • Linda Dano as Vivian Alamain on “Days of Our Lives” (NBC)

Linda Dano guest appearance as Vivian Alamain left a lasting impact on viewers and critics, earning her this accolade.

Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team

Recognizing the exceptional storytelling and scriptwriting that drive daytime dramas.


  • “The Young and the Restless” (CBS)

The writing team of “The Young and the Restless” has been celebrated for their engaging and intricate storylines that captivate audiences.

Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team

Honoring the directors whose vision and execution bring daytime dramas to life.


  • “General Hospital” (ABC)

The directing team of “General Hospital” has been recognized for their ability to create compelling and visually stunning episodes.

Outstanding Game Show

This category celebrates the best game show that entertains and engages audiences.


  • “Jeopardy!” (Syndicated)

Jeopardy!” continues to be a beloved game show, known for its intellectual challenges and engaging format.

Outstanding Game Show Host

Recognizing the host whose charisma and skill make their game show a success.


  • Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings on “Jeopardy!” (Syndicated)

Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings have successfully taken on the hosting duties of “Jeopardy!,” maintaining the show’s high standards and viewer appeal.

Outstanding Talk Show

Honoring the best talk show that provides engaging discussions and entertainment.


  • “The Kelly Clarkson Show” (Syndicated)

“The Kelly Clarkson Show” has continued to impress with its mix of celebrity interviews, human interest stories, and musical performances.

Outstanding Talk Show Host

Recognizing the host whose presence and style make their talk show a standout.


  • Kelly Clarkson on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” (Syndicated)

Kelly Clarkson’s warmth, humor, and genuine connection with her guests and audience have earned her this top honor.

Outstanding Morning Program

Celebrating the best morning show that starts the day with news, entertainment, and features.


  • “Good Morning America” (ABC)

Good Morning America” remains a leading morning program, known for its comprehensive news coverage and engaging segments.

Outstanding Informative Talk Show

Honoring talk shows that provide informative and educational content to their audiences.


  • “The Dr. Oz Show” (Syndicated)

“The Dr. Oz Show” continues to be a valuable source of health and wellness information for its viewers.

Outstanding Entertainment News Program

This category celebrates the best program that provides entertainment news and celebrity coverage.


  • “Entertainment Tonight” (Syndicated)

“Entertainment Tonight” continues to set the standard for entertainment news with its exclusive interviews and in-depth coverage.

Outstanding Culinary Program

Recognizing the best program that showcases culinary skills and food culture.


  • “Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like a Pro” (Food Network)

Ina Garten’s “Barefoot Contessa” series has been honored for its engaging and informative approach to cooking.

Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program

Honoring the best legal or courtroom program that provides insight and entertainment.


  • “Judge Judy” (Syndicated)

“Judge Judy” remains a favorite, known for Judge Judy Sheindlin’s no-nonsense approach to small claims cases.

Outstanding Daytime Special

Celebrating special daytime programming that stands out for its creativity and impact.


  • “Sesame Street’s 50th Anniversary Celebration” (HBO)

This special event honored the legacy and impact of “Sesame Street,” celebrating 50 years of educational and entertaining content.


The 2024 Daytime Emmy Awards have highlighted the incredible talent and creativity present in daytime television. From captivating drama series and engaging talk shows to entertaining game shows and educational specials, this year’s winners have demonstrated excellence in their respective fields. Congratulations to all the winners, whose dedication and hard work continue to enrich the world of daytime television.

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